Requirements: Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
Note: If your system is up to date you should already have all of these.
Windows 2000: SP4 (with auto updates on or KB835732/MS04-011), & .Net v2
Windows XP: SP3 & .Net v2 (or check Windows Update)
Windows Vista: SP1
(Other versions may work, but are unsupported)

Detailed instructions:

1. Purchase Virtual World Starter in-world at A2NZ (Ufeus 21,85).

2. You will be given a box named "Virtual World Starter software box"

3. Rez this box on the ground, then click on it.
3a. You will now receive the download location (Download) and your product key (please keep the product key safe with the name of the avatar that purchased it) in your chat, and chat history. You will also get a popup that will take you straight to the download page ("Load web page ... Download Virtual World Starter now?").

4. Either click on the "Go to page" dialog that pops up (this will fill in the required fields automatically) or go to the download page and fill in the fields manually.

5. Once you have logged in, click download and save the file to your computer (about a 1M download), extract the zip file and then run the setup program (which will over-write older versions of Virtual World Starter, but will leave the older SL Starter alone).

6. The first time you run it, it will need to be set up (re-installs do not need these steps).
6a. In "About", put in your product key.
6b. Click "Settings"
6c. Select the avatar name server the avatars to be added are registered on (SecondLife / Local OpenSim / OSGrid / etc), and the URL to join will be displayed to the right (which you can click on to go to their sign up page).
6d. Once you have selected the correct avatat name server, enter your avatar name(s) and password(s) for this service. Repeat for avatars registered elsewhere.
Note: If you want to add/change avatar name servers, it is under the "Avatar Name Server" tab above, also make sure that you have entered the Second Life avatar that you purchased with.
6e. Click on the "Software" tab. To load the Linden Lab viewer for Second Life, or for other grids, click on the "Auto Load" button at the bottom. To add other viewers, click the yellow "Add New" plus sign and fill in at least the name and location of the executable.
6f. (Optional) Click on the "Preferences" tab, and select if you want Virtual World Starter to stay open (default), or to close when you start a viewer, and if you are using an old client, earlier than 1.20, then select "Use legacy command line"

Note: The grid, extra command line options and avatar name server tabs are already filled in with the biggest grids and companies as of 2010 (only for new installs).

7. To start the viewer only (on the correct grid), select login server, grid and software, and click "Start Only"
To log in also select the user, and click the "Login" button instead.

8. Have fun!