Help, I can't get to the download page, it always returns to the login page?
Answer: Please turn cookies on for this site, they are needed for downloading because downloading the software is limited to those who have purchased it.

Known bugs

Click on the screen that you would like help with/more information about.

Virtual World Starter Mini
Mini version of Virtual World Starter

Virtual World Starter
Main screen of Virtual World Starter

About and product key
About and product key location

Product key or avatar missing
The pop-up box if there is a problem with the product key.

Shown when starting the viewer

Avatar list
The avatar user screen,
for usernames and passwords

Software list
The viewer/software to display and use

Grid list
The different grids that can be connected to

Extra command line options
The extra options that can be selected for the command line

Note: These commands must be manually changed for the different pre/post 1.20 viewer version

Avatar login server
The login servers for the different grids

Note: One login server can service more than one grid, for example Agni (Second Life grid) and Aditi (Second Life beta grid)

Extra options
Preferences for keeping the viewer open and for using the old style command line